Galveston Bay Fishing Reports

Your Galveston Fishing Experience

At Spots to Dots Guide LLC fishing report, we provide the latest updates and information on fishing conditions in Galveston, Texas. Led by Captain Michael Bullock, we offer expert insights and advice to help anglers make the most of their fishing trips. Our fishing report includes detailed information on the current conditions and trends in the Galveston waters, including what's biting and where. We also provide updates on recent catches and sightings, as well as tips and recommendations for anglers of all skill levels.

We get these questions often. What is the best fish to catch in Galveston? What is the most common fish in Galveston? Is Galveston freshwater or saltwater? Galveston, located on the Gulf Coast of Texas, is a saltwater fishing destination. The best fish to catch in Galveston depends on the season, but popular species include speckled trout, redfish, and flounder. These fish are prized for their size and taste, and they can be caught year-round in the waters surrounding Galveston.

Fishing in Galveston is available year-round! We have 4 to 6-hour fishing trips you can choose from. We will guide you through the best fishing spots for the season, targeting popular species such as redfish, flounder, and sea trout. Using various fishing techniques, including light tackle and drift fishing, you'll have the opportunity to learn and improve your angling skills. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, Captain Michael will provide a fun and informative experience for all ages and skill levels!

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